Distance Ukrainian education for children in Germany

Дистанційна українська освіта для дітей у Німеччині

The licensed Ukrainian distance school "Optima" and the Ukrainian foundation "Children's Future" in cooperation with the German Beisheim Foundation offer a scholarship program for Ukrainian schoolchildren who suffered from the war and are currently in Germany.

The program provides charitable scholarships for studying Ukrainian subjects while being a student at a German school. Training is based on original educational materials developed specifically for distance education. The work system and modern information services ensure a comfortable and high-quality educational process.

"Optima" is the first distance school in Ukraine in terms of the year of establishment, number of students, and quality of educational materials. It has been working since 2015. The capabilities of the earning platform allow it to support up to 500,000 users simultaneously. Pupils receive all state-standard documents on their education.

A wide selection of educational packages allows each family to choose an individual educational path. You can find out about all educational services and opportunities for Ukrainian schoolchildren on the website https://optima.school/, by email: info@optima.school or using the chatbot https://t.me/optima_help_bot.

You can apply for the scholarship program by following the link  https://childrensfuture.org.ua.

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300 scholarships for Ukrainian schoolchildren
300 scholarships for Ukrainian schoolchildren

Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and study remotely using the best lessons and copyrighted educational materials.

The distance school "Optima" has been supporting Ukrainian schoolchildren and their parents since the first days of the war.

More than 100,000 children have already received the opportunity to get a free Ukrainian education together with "Optima".

A joint project of the foundation "Children's Future" and the fund ArtWindow - the future of Ukrainian schoolchildren is in our hands!
A joint project of the foundation "Children's Future" and the fund ArtWindow - the future of Ukrainian schoolchildren is in our hands!

Ukrainian artists and activists of charitable foundations have united to allow schoolchildren to receive a quality education.