A joint project of the foundation "Children's Future" and the fund ArtWindow - the future of Ukrainian schoolchildren is in our hands!

Ukrainian artists and activists of charitable foundations have united to allow schoolchildren to receive a quality education.

The Foundation "Children's Future" and the largest Ukrainian distance learning school "Optima" will introduce scholarship programs for children from the de-occupied territories. In addition, children will work in groups with a psychologist to quickly regain interest in learning and overcome psychological trauma.

In addition, the foundation's partner, Optima Academy, will provide significant discounts on the education for children artists!

By buying paintings on the ArtWindow website, each of you can help children get scholarships and clubs and give them a ticket to a happy future https://bit.ly/3YIKpY8.

The site also offers paintings by young talents from the Optima Academy's painting group, who are eager to help their peers get a quality education.

Let's do it better together! For more details https://bit.ly/3PHjQ1v.