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The Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" has awarded 100 scholarships for education at a distance learning school.

The foundation, together with Ukraine's largest distance learning school, participated in the "Ohmatdytiade" event to support children-patients of the hospital.

The Charitable Foundation “Children’s Future” continues to help children who have been forced to go abroad

In times when the world is changing before our eyes, it is important for Ukrainians to support each other.

Striking a Balance Between Education and Emotional Well-being: Finding the Right Approach

Modern students face numerous challenges in their lives. They encounter the demands of teachers and parental expectations, complex tasks and conflicts with peers, along with other everyday problems.

Empathy and Education: How Friends and Family Can Help Children Affected by War

Students can achieve better academic success when their family and friends take an interest in their school life. Children who have suffered from war particularly need support and assistance.

What to know about the charitable program “Ukrainian Path”?

With the onset of a full-scale war abroad, tens of thousands of schoolchildren have been forced to relocate. Many of them have started studying in foreign schools, learning the local language and culture there.

"The Ukrainian Path" – a unique program for Ukrainian children living abroad

The Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" continues to implement educational initiatives for the better educational and cultural development of Ukrainian children around the world.

"The Ukrainian Path" - study native literature and history, even when hundreds of kilometers away from home.

For most Ukrainian children who currently do not have the opportunity to study in their regular schools, maintaining a connection with their homeland is incredibly important.

Overcoming Educational Challenges: Tips for Parents and Guardians

During times of war, the educational process is always at risk. The closure of educational institutions, instability, and threats to safety significantly complicate access to quality education for children.

Supporting Children with Special Needs in Distance Learning

Distance education is not just a technological innovation but also an opportunity to address a range of important issues faced by children with special needs and their parents within the traditional educational system.