839 children have already received scholarships from the charity foundation. We are continuing the program for the 2023-2024 academic year!

Стипендії від благодійного фонду вже отримали 839 дітей. Продовжуємо програму на 2023-2024 навчальний рік!

The year 2022 showed us that our strength lies in unity and mutual assistance. Therefore, the charitable foundation "Children's Future" together with the largest distance school in Ukraine "Optima" introduced a scholarship program for Ukrainian schoolchildren.

This program is intended for vulnerable categories of children:

- evacuees from the territories of active hostilities;

- who live in the occupied territory;

- whose parents are military personnel;

- who have post-traumatic effects and health defects, etc.

It has been a year since we have been helping Ukrainian children to get a high-quality school education, which does not depend on the location of the student, the level of training, or the pace of learning the material.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, 839 children received scholarships. They are currently living in Ukraine and 27 other countries of the world. Most children are now in Germany, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, etc.

Scholarship holders studied using the high-quality materials of the Optima school for free. Lessons are designed specifically for distance education, contain a lot of interactive, engaging, and creative tasks, and are available 24/7. Various educational packages are available for grades 1 to 11.

We have many requests from Ukrainian families, so we do not stop and continue to help! The foundation "Children's Future" is starting to collect donations for the scholarship program 2023-2024 and invites everyone to contribute and be involved.

You can apply for a scholarship, get complete information, or make a contribution on the website of the charitable foundation "Children's Future"


You can learn more about the distance school Optima


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700 children have already received scholarships to study at Optima

The first distance school in Ukraine, together with the foundation "Children's Future" has been supporting Ukrainian families since the first days of the war. Optima has introduced scholarship programs for the Ukrainian schoolchildren to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education under any circumstances.

Create a successful future for your children with us!
Create a successful future for your children with us!

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