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Blended Learning Program in Ukrainian Schools Based on the "Optima" Distance School

The Charitable Fund "Children’s Future" and the distance school "Optima" are initiating the start of an experimental blended learning program using high-quality distance content in Ukrainian schools and their branches.

Within the program, we collaborate with local executive authorities, schools, their branches, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in accordance with the Ministry's Order No. 1087 dated December 2, 2022.

Main Goal: To ensure access to quality secondary education through modern technologies in various parts of Ukraine, especially in areas where traditional education is complicated by hostilities, a shortage of teachers, or other factors.

Implementing a blended learning program will help overcome such problems in the education system and provide equal access to quality education regardless of a child's place of residence.

Cooperation within the program will involve the following forms:

  1. Learning one or several subjects. The support will be provided by school teachers using the materials from the "Optima" distance school. If the school lacks subject teachers, it is possible to organize learning using distance programs under the supervision of available teachers in classrooms equipped with the internet and computers.
  2. Teaching students all subjects of the school curriculum under the supervision of a teacher using distance content. Classes for this form of learning can consist of children of different ages, which is relevant for schools with a small number of students. Learning takes place in classrooms equipped with the internet and computers. This form of learning provides the opportunity to study using the highest quality educational programs regardless of the child's place of residence.

Implementing such forms of learning in schools will allow optimizing educational costs in communities, reducing the need for logistics, and providing access to the highest quality educational materials regardless of school locations.

We invite communities, education authorities, and schools to participate in the program:

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