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Educational scholarship program for the most vulnerable children for the academic year 2023-2024

Based on the successful scholarship program for the 2022/2023 academic year, which helped over 800 students, the Foundation has organized fundraising and the implementation of a scholarship program for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Scholarships are intended for students in grades 1-11. Ukrainian children have the opportunity to study remotely using the best lessons and author's educational materials from the "Optima" distance school.

Scholarships are created to help children in the following categories:

    • children whose parents died in the war;

    • evacuated from territories of active hostilities;

    • living in frontline and temporarily occupied territories;

    • children whose parents are military personnel;

    • those with post-traumatic consequences and health problems.

Scholarships cover the annual tuition cost at the 'Optima' school on various tuition packages or provide compensation for the majority of the payment (ranging from 30% to 100% of the tuition cost).

For children with health impairments and those whose parents have died in the war, the scholarship amounts to 100% of the annual tuition cost, regardless of the chosen package.

Applications for scholarships are accepted from children living in Ukraine, including occupied territories, and those who have been displaced and currently reside abroad. All applications received are processed by the Foundation and the school. To receive a scholarship, parents/guardians must provide documentary evidence of the child's status.

We invite you to join us in helping Ukrainian children who have suffered during the war. They will be able to study using high-quality distance educational materials, obtain education certificates, and plan their successful futures!

Answers for the main questions

For which categories of children is this scholarship program intended?

The scholarship program is intended for children whose parents died in the war, those evacuated from territories of active hostilities, those residing in frontline and temporarily occupied territories, children of military personnel, and children with post-traumatic consequences or health impairments.

What is included in the scholarship program?

Scholarships cover the annual cost of education at the “Optima” school on different study packages or compensate for part of the fee, ranging from 30% to 100% of the tuition cost.

Does the scholarship cover the full cost of education?

For children with health impairments and those whose parents died in the war, the scholarship covers 100% of the annual tuition cost regardless of the selected package. For other vulnerable categories, compensation for part of the fee is provided (from 30% to 100% of the tuition cost).

Who can apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship is available to children residing in Ukraine, including temporarily occupied territories, and those who have been displaced and currently reside abroad. Documentary evidence of the child's status is required to receive the scholarship.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new educational initiative by the Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" in collaboration with the online school "Optima". 

A charitable scholarship program for children with special educational needs in the 2023/2024 academic year within the scholarship program for vulnerable children.

Katerina Romanchuk
Such scholarships are essential and crucial for many families! Sincerely thankful to the foundation for the opportunity to educate our son Maxym at the “Optima” school. We suffered losses due to the war, and this scholarship was a help for us. Thank you for helping children who have experienced tough times dream and develop.
Olena Hryhorenko
The scholarship for studying at “Optima” is an incredible opportunity for children in such a challenging time. We got the chance not only to educate our child but also to find hope for our daughter's future. It's essential for us. Thank you for such support!
Viktor Dekhtiarenko
Our family received a scholarship for studying at “Optima.” All we can say is a huge thank you to the foundation and the school for this opportunity. The child is satisfied with the lessons, teachers; she has come to love learning. Thanks to the foundation for such an incredible initiative.
Oleksandra Rybalko
Scholarships are not just support; they are a real opportunity for our children to receive a proper education. My son Vadim studies at the “Optima” school thanks to the scholarship. We are very grateful for this opportunity to study and develop despite difficult circumstances.
Oleksii Omelchenko
The war has affected not only our lives but also the education of children. We didn't know where to turn, understood that education must continue. The scholarship program has been a great help for our daughter. It's not just learning but also an opportunity to stabilize her life through education. We are very grateful for this chance; thank you for the education!
Kateryna Kryvous
Thank you for the opportunity! For us, it was a great chance not only to study but also to distract the child from the war. The lessons are very enjoyable, interesting, and understandable. Thanks to the foundation and “Optima” for the opportunity to study. Wonderful initiative!

Charity Project for Ukrainian Schoolchildren

The scholarship program of the Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" is a large-scale social project that provides access to quality distance education for Ukrainian schoolchildren affected by the war. The main goal is to give students in grades 1-11 the opportunity to receive a modern secondary education, develop essential skills and abilities, even in the challenging conditions of full-scale invasion. The scholarship program covers the annual cost of education at the first and largest distance school “Optima.” You can choose any school curriculum, study at a convenient time, and at your own pace. It doesn’t matter where the student is located: for distance learning under the scholarship program, only a computer or laptop with internet access is required.

Exceptional Success and Plans for the Future

Last year’s scholarship program impressed with its results – over 800 students had the opportunity to study remotely for free. The foundation has organized a new fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which will be directed to the implementation of the scholarship program for the 2023/2024 academic year.

We do not stop at what has been achieved; we continue to work and support families facing difficult life circumstances. Due to Russian military aggression, distance learning is the only way for many children to gain knowledge, and the scholarship program is a chance to continue their education.

Free Education for Those in Need

The scholarship program is created to support children in the most vulnerable categories:

• whose parents died or disappeared in war;

• evacuated from territories with active combat;

• residing in the front-line zone and temporarily occupied territories;

• whose parents are military personnel;

• with special educational needs, health issues, post-traumatic consequences.

The scholarship program provides full coverage of the cost of distance education at “Optima” school or partial compensation (from 30 to 100%).

Children residing in Ukraine during martial law or those who have moved abroad can apply for the scholarship program. Applications for distance learning are carefully processed by the foundation and school staff. It is important for parents or guardians to provide documentary evidence of the child’s status to receive the scholarship.

Comprehensive Support and Care

Ukrainian schoolchildren have the opportunity to receive education remotely, studying with unique materials from the "Optima" school. Children have 24/7 access to the educational platform. The variety of educational packages allows each family to choose its unique learning path within the scholarship program.

In addition to quality education, numerous other benefits are provided:

● constant communication with the class teacher by phone or messengers;

● the ability to quickly clarify any questions with subject teachers in text chat;

● free psychological support;

● participation in extracurricular activities, project work, excursions, meetings with classmates;

● access to diverse courses for personal and professional development;

● assistance from the caring technical support service;

● parent’s cabinet to monitor the child's progress and success in distance learning.

Let’s Make the School Year Successful!

Join our initiative and help children affected by military aggression! You can give Ukrainian schoolchildren the opportunity to gain knowledge, receive education documents, unleash their potential, and plan for a successful future. Every charitable contribution is a real opportunity to expand the scholarship program, develop new educational initiatives, provide access to distance learning for more students facing challenging conditions. Join us because the best thing we can do for the future of Ukraine is to let our children develop freely and acquire quality knowledge.

Send requests for education under the charitable program to: