Implemented project

Free access to the educational platform of the school Optima and teaching during the first month of the war

The project met the urgent need to help children in Ukraine during the first months of the war, allowing students to continue their education and complete the 2022 academic year.

After the start of the full-scale invasion, millions of Ukrainians were forced to protect their families, especially children and women, through evacuation to western regions of Ukraine and abroad. The educational process was severely disrupted.

The Charitable Fund "Children’s Future", in collaboration with the first and largest distance school in Ukraine, "Optima," organized open (free) access to distance education programs for general education. The "Optima" educational platform is available 24/7, allowing children to gain quality knowledge under any circumstances, regardless of their location in the world.

Financial and computing resources of Western companies were involved. It was possible to organize the operation of the distance platform, teaching, and the work of teachers. This helped more than 100,000 children continue their education and complete the academic year on time.

Project Results

    • Providing children evacuated from areas of active hostilities with free access to quality distance education programs.

    • Timely completion of the 2022 academic year for more than 100,000 students.

    • Support and organization of work for 200 teachers from the "Optima" distance school.

    • Technical support of the process with the help of computing resources from foreign partners.

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