The Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" at the ESG Hub meeting. Quality education during war.

Фонд «За майбутнє дітей» на засіданні Хабу ESG. Якісна освіта під час війни

The ESG Hub meeting, held on October 26, was dedicated to the collaboration between businesses and charitable foundations and organizations. The speech of a representative of the Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" drew significant interest. This speech revealed the substantial achievements and outstanding goals of the foundation, which has been actively helping children in Ukraine affected by Russian aggression since 2022. The following key points were highlighted in this speech.

The mission of the foundation and digital technologies. The Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" implements state-of-the-art digital technologies to reform the educational system in Ukraine. Its main goal is to provide access to quality education for Ukrainian children and adults, regardless of their location and financial capabilities.

Achievements of the foundation. The foundation successfully implemented a series of charitable programs for 108,005 children, raising and directing 860,825 euros to charitable needs. Special attention is given to vulnerable categories of children who have become victims of war and other complex circumstances.

Challenges and their overcoming. The conditions of full-scale war create serious obstacles for quality learning, such as threats of bombings and missile strikes, interruptions in power supply and internet access, the absence of Ukrainian education in occupied territories, and insufficient digital content. The foundation actively responds to these challenges and initiates new projects aimed at facilitating the learning of Ukrainian students.

Distance learning and scholarship programs. The foundation successfully implemented a distance learning project for nearly 100,000 children and provided scholarship programs for children affected by war.

Recovery of educational losses. Significant attention is given to the recovery of educational losses in rural schools and schools in frontline regions through both distance and blended (in-person and distance) learning.

At the end of the speech, the foundation speaker called for partnership and invited strategic, financial, programmatic, technical, and informational partners to collaborate. Together, let's help Ukrainian children receive quality education!

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