Educational Resources for Children Affected by War: What Does the Scholarship Include?

Що входить до стипендії від фонду: умови та освітні ресурси

Education is not just about mastering certain subjects. It is the key to personal development and shaping a dignified future for the entire nation. Educated youth is the foundation of a successful country, which is why it is important to ensure access to education for children affected by war.

Education has unique power – it is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, an effective tool for overcoming trauma, and restoring psychological well-being. The Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future", in collaboration with the remote school "Optima," ensures that young Ukrainians continue to learn and succeed even in extremely challenging conditions. Let's take a closer look at the scholarship conditions and find out which educational resources are available.

Assistance for Children Affected by War

Scholarships cover the full cost of annual tuition at the first and largest remote school "Optima" or compensate for part of the fees for various learning packages (from 30 to 100% of the cost).

This opportunity is available to children of all ages residing in Ukraine, temporarily occupied territories, or other countries. Moreover, education for children affected by war is flexible and adapted to individual needs: learning can take place anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

Scholarships are intended for various categories of children who have experienced the tragic consequences of armed conflict:
• children whose parents were killed in the war;
• students evacuated from areas of active combat;
• those living in frontline and temporarily occupied territories;
• children of military personnel;
• students with post-traumatic effects and health impairments. 

This initiative is important not only as a means of providing access to education for children affected by war but also as a chance for a fresh start for anyone who has endured difficult life trials.

The scholarship grants access to innovative educational resources. Learning through the "Student" and "External" classic packages provides children affected by war with the opportunity to receive education on par with their peers.
• Author's educational materials – programs developed by top education experts. 
• Modern interactive platform with 24/7 access to learning resources.
• Professional teachers provide individualized instruction and maintain a high standard of education.
• Continuous support from a class supervisor.
• Children affected by war can rely on ongoing support and resolution of any difficulties.
• State-standard education certificate upon completion of studies.
• Careful technical support for uninterrupted learning and full utilization of all resources.
• Oxford Learn platform for learning English.
• An additional opportunity to develop language skills and practice listening.
• Speaking Club – interactive meetings to improve listening and speaking skills in English.
• Collaborative project activities.
• The opportunity for children affected by war to collaborate with peers. Smart Kids program for younger students.
• Case lessons – unique educational scenarios that expand understanding of the material and promote practical application of knowledge.

These scholarship components create a unique educational environment for children affected by war, fostering their full and effective development.

Comprehensive Support for Students

At "Optima," no child affected by war is left without support. Subject teachers are ready to answer questions in text chat, and the class supervisor is always available. Quick pedagogical assistance over the phone for exact sciences is another service. Free psychological support and the ability for parents to track their child's progress in the parent's cabinet make education for children affected by war even more accessible and effective.

Every child has an indisputable right to education. That's why the Charitable Foundation "Children’s Future" focuses on ensuring that children from vulnerable categories can study at "Optima" regardless of where they are, the conditions they live in, or their specific needs. The best thing we can do for the future of Ukraine is to help our children develop freely and acquire quality knowledge.

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