8th grade

One of the best decisions last year during the war was to transfer my son to the distance-learning school "Optima." So, starting from September 2022, Mark began his education in this institution. We have never regretted it. It is a modern school with modern teaching approaches, respect for students and parents. Tasks can be completed at a convenient time, and you can contact the teacher whenever needed and get answers to all questions. You can attend subject webinars and consultations if you wish. There are many additional courses available. Mark attends financial literacy courses and enjoys them very much.

When my husband, Mark's father, died while performing combat missions near Bakhmut, the school did not turn away from us or say that it was our problem. They provided us with a lot of support and covered the cost of education. Not because we are special, but because it is the school's policy to support families of those who died in the war. Moreover, "Optima" constantly helps our military and works for the victory of Ukraine!

I am very grateful to our class teacher, Olena Topal. She is always in touch, promptly resolves all urgent issues, and provides the necessary assistance! With such an approach to education, one feels motivated to learn and improve knowledge. As my son completes his studies in the 8th grade, he has achieved high results and received a commendation letter.

We hope to continue studying at "Optima" and recommend it to our acquaintances and friends because this school is truly a Ukrainian space for growth. It represents modernity, convenience, and a high level of education!