7th grade

Polina studied and lived in the city of Kharkiv until February 24, 2022. After the full-scale invasion of the Russian army, many things changed.

From the first days of the war, the child was in a state of shock due to active combat actions taking place right in the place where we lived (Kharkiv, Saltivka).

Weeks of air bombings, basements, subways, shelters, and corridors.

We were forced to move first to the city of Dnipro, and then to western Ukraine, to Ternopil.

Now we have returned home to our native city.

Now we visit doctors because our health has been affected by stress and anxiety (according to doctors).

But it's okay. Everything will be fine.

We are very lucky to have enrolled in the "Optima" school. This year has been extremely difficult morally and physically, but the support and care of the school staff have allowed us to continue our education and calm the child.

Unfortunately, many schools in Kharkiv are destroyed and cannot conduct classes. Moreover, the location of our city, near the aggressor, does not contribute to sending children to school.

We are very grateful for the care and hope for the support of sponsors for further education in Ukraine.