The importance of education for children: foundation's mission

Важливість освіти для дітей: місія фонду

Education has always been a crucial factor in every child's development, but for those affected by war, its significance amplifies. It becomes a source of hope and restoration for a peaceful life.

Why is Education Key? 

Education for war-affected children is not just a fundamental right; it's a vital necessity.

Stability and psychological support. Education serves as a tool for restoring a normal life rhythm during war, providing stability and psychological balance. In schools, children can immerse themselves in learning, momentarily escaping their troubles and engaging with peers.

Development of skills and abilities. Education helps children affected by war to develop their abilities and skills, crucial for their future lives. It extends beyond academic subjects, encompassing social skills that aid children in adapting more easily to society.

Self-discipline. Education for children affected by war inspires regular self-improvement. Children learn to solve tasks, plan their time, and evaluate results. These are crucial skills applicable in any life sphere. Additionally, learning stimulates them to reconsider their acquired experience, fostering critical thinking and analytical abilities.

Navigating the information space. Children affected by war require quality education to distinguish between true and improbable facts, critically evaluate information, filter important from insignificant, and effectively utilize resources. An educated child can find answers to any questions.

Contribution to the future. School education for war-affected children is a guarantee of success. Learning provides not only knowledge but also instills self-belief and helps each child find their place in society. 
Children with access to education can become leaders and change the world for the better. Despite the hardships of war, knowledge enables them to adapt to complex circumstances and find optimal solutions in any situation.

Who needs support the most? 
Education is especially crucial for those who suffered the most from war and found themselves in challenging life circumstances. The following categories of students most require support in gaining an education:

• Evacuated from active combat zones. These children have undergone the most significant stress due to the loss of their homes and the disruption of their regular way of life. 
• Children residing in temporarily occupied territories. For them, education serves as a means to preserve their national and cultural identity, as well as an opportunity to develop critical thinking in conditions where information may be distorted or limited. 
• Children of military personnel. As their parents risk health and life in conflict zones, these children require education as a means for personal development and ensuring a successful future. 
• Students with post-traumatic consequences and health impairments. Education is crucial for the physical and psychological recovery of those who have suffered from the consequences of war.

What is the foundation's mission? 
The Charitable Foundation "Children's Future" aims to provide assistance to children affected by Russian aggression, regardless of their location or available resources. The cost of education for the most vulnerable students is partially or even fully compensated. The foundation, in particular, grants over 300 scholarships to children impacted by war. Its work is dedicated to creating a future where every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education, irrespective of circumstances.

If you belong to privileged categories, apply for free education. We believe in the potential of every child and are always ready to support those who have suffered from war. Education can be accessible and high-quality even in the toughest times.

If you want to help provide education to those most affected by war, any support is highly valuable. Together, we can change the lives of Ukrainian students for the better.

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